Link: What is Wrong with this Picture?

An excerpt from What Is Wrong with this Picture?: No Masses in Italy or US Dioceses. But you can still buy groceries and fast food by Chris Ferrara:

As the media-driven COVID-19 Panic of 2020 reaches its peak — while ignoring the millions of seasonal flu virus infections, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and tens of thousands of deaths from the flu in Europe and the United States — public Masses have been suppressed throughout the Catholic world. Yet, in all the same places, one can still shop for groceries, order pizza to go, or drive to McDonald’s for greasy hamburgers dispensed in the drive-thru lanes by people who, if we are to believe the media accounts, have been exposed to “the deadly coronavirus.” The same “deadly coronavirus” that thus far has not been fatal to even a tiny fraction of the number of those dying, right now, from seasonal influenza all over the world.

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