March 25 Letter from Fr. Castronovo

“Blessed be God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all consolations, Who comforts us in all our afflictions.”

(II Cor. 1:3)

My dear parishioners:

May we all bear these words of St. Paul in mind as we endure the current trial that we are being asked to accept. I hope everyone is well and is using this period of crisis to deepen their prayer-life, their faith in God and their sorrow for their sins.

We must not waste the opportunity God is giving us to do penance and turn back to Him. You may have read that Holy Mother Church has granted a plenary indulgence to those who are suffering from the coronavirus, or are affected by it.

First of all, some of the beautiful young women of our parish have offered to shop, pick up prescriptions or do other necessary things for any of you that are elderly and/or housebound. If you would like to request their services, please call me at the Rectory at 315 363 7696.

Now for some good news:

This Sunday, we hope to be able to live-stream Holy Mass from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church at 10 AM. Knowing how sorely we all miss being able to assist at Holy Mass, this is the best we can do under the circumstances. Check back to the website to find out the specifics of how to access the Live-stream.

Next, I have engaged a company that will allow me to send you voice messages to your phone. Shortly, you should receive the first of these, once the system is set up. Very importantly though, we need your email addresses and your cell phone numbers, especially if you no longer have a land-line.

Please email us your email address and your phone numbers to

Some of you have been sending your donations by mail to us, and we thank you for that. Soon, we hope to be able to receive donations by electronic transfer, from your account directly into ours; no check, no cash, no worry.

God bless you all for your great spirit of patience through this ordeal. It will not go on forever. Here is a short prayer I say to Almighty God to end this

“Remember Lord, Your testament, and say to the destroying Angel: Let your hand now cease, and do not let the earth be devastated, and do not lose any living thing.”

(II Kings. 24:16)

Please remember to call me if you need anything. God bless you all, Our Lady keep you healthy, and St. Rocco bring this contagion to an end soon.

Fr. Castronovo
Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel Church