Masses for the Week of June 21st

Sunday, 21 June — 10:00 AM Parking Lot Mass

Mass will take place in the Vernon Verona Sherrill High School Parking Lot on the corner of Route 31 and Beacon Light Road. Ushers will give instructions upon your arrival. They can accept your weekly offering envelope if you have one. An FM radio frequency will be available for you to listen to the audio from your vehicle. Please tell the ushers if a member of your party who will be receiving Holy Communion has mobility problems so they can direct you to a special parking area.

For those who cannot attend the Parking Lot Mass, the 4:00 PM Saturday mass will be live streamed at, on Facebook, and on YouTube. The recording will be available to watch at any time.

Monday, 22 June — 8:00 AM Traditional Latin Mass
Feast of St. Paulinus of Nola
For: Sodality Graduates and Moderators
Requested by: Cindy van Lieshout

Tuesday, 23 June — 8:00 AM
For: Juliana Whipple (L.)
Requested by: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Maciag
Holy Rosary for the Unborn and Newborn

Wednesday, 24 June — 7:00 PM
Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
For: Donald McClellan + (Birthday)
Requested by: McClellan Children

Thursday, 25 June — 8:00 AM
For: William Finley +
Requested by: Mr. and Mrs. John Vanderhoof

Friday, 26 June — 8:00 AM
For: Father’s Day Intentions

Note: Father’s Day Mass cards are currently available in the vestibule of the church. Please pick one up and provide the names of those you wish to have remembered to Father by Friday, June 26th, when Holy Mass will be offered for these intentions.

Saturday, 27 June — 10:00 AM Mass of First Holy Communion

Saturday, 27 June — 4:00 PM Anticipated Mass of XIII Sunday
For: Special Intention