Open Hours of Adoration

The following time slots are available for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Joseph’s Adoration Chapel:

Sundays 3-4 PM
Mondays 9-10 PM

Opening November 2020*:

Mondays 1-2 AM
Mondays 2-3 AM
Tuesdays 2-3 AM
Tuesdays 3-4 AM

*Thank you to the adorer who has faithfully adored Our Lord during these early morning hours, in addition to two daytime hours, for years! May God bless her for her dedication. Can you help take over for this soldier of Christ?

If interested, please contact Stephen or Cindy van Lieshout at 315 361 1801.

The Adoration Chapel is located next to St. Joseph’s Church at 121 St. Joseph’s Place, Oneida, NY 13421