A Call to Arms

“The devil never sleeps” is becoming more and more evident as the culture war grows ever more intense. Now, perhaps in reaction to the decision of the Texas Supreme Court to allow the “Heartbeat bill” to stand, Satan’s agents have proposed a deceptively labeled law bill, ”The Womens Health Protection Act” (WHPA), which is anything but. This bill, H.R. 3755/S. 1975 would:

  • invalidate any state law banning abortion at any stage of pregnancy, including laws that prohibit abortion based on race, sex, disability or other characteristics.
  • pre-viability abortions would be allowed for any reason
  • post-viability abortions would have no meaningful prohibitions attached, leaving the decision up to the “good faith” judgement of the “health care provided” (not necessarily a physician).
  • would render invalid state laws that prohibit a particular method of abortion.
  • would invalidate laws that would:
  • require that a physician perform the abortion
  • prohibit ultrasound laws
  • prohibit parental consent or notice laws
  • requrie a waiting period before an abortion
  • admitting privilege laws
  • laws that regulate prescribing, dispensing, or adminstering drugs for the purpose of inducing an abortion
  • laws regulating or restricting the use of telemedicine specifically in relation to abortion
  • health or safety regulations specific or abortion facilities
  • laws prohibing government funding of abortions
  • laws authorizing the exclusion of abortion from healthcare insurance plans

Need I go on? There is much more to this bill that would make your blood boil, if it isn’t already. It would even wipe out the “conscience clauses” that protect health care workers who object to the butchery from participating in the baby-killing.

If you want to totally ruin your day, you can read the full details in this witch’s brew of legislation at USCCB Pro-Life. You can also use this link to send a message of your disapproval of this bill to our NYS US senators and to Rep. Claudia Tenney, or whomever your Congressional representative is. Please do so NOW!!!

The only good thing that this whole matter indicates is that the forces of evil are desperate. They are adept at reading the signs that the pro-life movement is gaining ground and growing in strength. They are petrified that the SCOTUS is going to continue to roll back Roe v. Wade.

Please, Our Lady of Guadalupe, convert America before it is too late!