Information for Visitors

At Our Lady of Good Counsel we offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with great reverence, beauty, dignity and love.

All Masses

  • An accessible ramp is available at the front entrance of the church.
  • A restroom and crying room are available to the right of the altar.
  • All Masses are celebrated ad orientem, meaning the priest is facing “Liturgical East” along with the congregation.
  • Holy Communion is distributed on the tongue only while kneeling (if physically able) at the altar rail. If you or a member of your party have physical limitations that make it difficult to approach the altar rail, please sit in one of the front pews and let Father know before Mass so that he can bring the Eucharist to your seat.
  • The right side of the church receives Communion first, followed by the left side.

Ancient Rite Latin Mass

The Traditional Latin Mass is available every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and on some weekdays and Holy Days of Obligation. Please check the calendar for dates and times. All are welcome!

  • Latin-English missals will be available to help you follow along
  • Please allow the altar servers to respond on your part